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  • August 25, 2011
    NASA'S MSL Rover Prepping For Launch With Four MSSS Cameras Aboard
    NASA’s next Mars rover, the Curiosity rover of the Mars Science Laboratory Project (MSL), is currently being prepped for its November 25–December 18, 2011 launch window at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.....»
  • August 5, 2011
    Haughton-Mars Project Research Station, Devon Island, High Arctic
    An international team of space researchers from the Mars Institute and the space robotics company MDA Information Systems, Inc., has successfully completed a first series of field tests ....»

Welcome to MDA US Systems LLC- Space Division

MDA US Systems LLC is a leading developer and supplier of commercial and civil payloads and structures. With core strengths in space structures, robotics, instrument development support and the ability to mature solutions from first concept to final delivery, MDA gets you off the ground.

Mars Science Laboratory Launch

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    Space Structures

    Our structures capabilities range from small supply chain satellite components to large custom engineered, analyzed, and tested bus structures. Read More

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    Our unique blend of engineering and manufacturing teams have delivered robotic systems which continue to pioneer scientific discoveries on distant planets as well as open doors to the on orbit satellite servicing industry. Read More

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    Instrument Development

    Our instrument development capabilities include providing complete engineered optical bench platforms and camera support systems. Read More

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    Engineering Services

    Our engineering staff provides a full range of modeling, analysis, and concept development services to ensure the highest levels of design success. Read More